Meet Cole

Cole Robinson

Cole was born and raised in Drayton Valley. He is most widely known as the man who started the Snake Diet in Edmonton. He was a competitive boxer and swimmer throughout his teens. During a swim, he dove into the water and lost his swim trunks. Cole continued the race completely buck naked and destroyed the rest of the competition!

Favourite Book: 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
Favourite Healthy Meal: Steak, spinach and wild blueberries
Favourite Quote: “For many years of my life, I used alcohol to escape fear disguised as boredom. I decided to give up alcohol September 12th, 2009. Giving up alcohol soon led me to the realization that there is no better feeling than being addicted to fear, and the only way a person can truly experience fear in its strongest form is when they are sober.” – Cole Robinson
Role Models: Ghandi

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