Pay How You Feel

We are a team of personal fitness trainers striving to help as many people as possible by providing a “pay how you feel” per training session model. Our team at F.R.E.E. offers a pay how you feel training system, because we care about your health without putting a price on our service. People tell us how badly they want to get into shape, but often do not have the guidance, knowledge and finances to make it happen.

Our system allows you to train with us for free during what we call, the commitment phase. During this phase, we require you to train with us a minimum of twice weekly, maintain an extensive food diary and lastly, stop any unhealthy habits that are preventing you from reaching your potential.  We will support and encourage you through the process because we want to show you what dedication and progress feels like when training with us and how empowering fitness can be.

By completing the commitment stage, you earn the privilege to pay us how you feel, so you can continue to reach your goals. With your commitment to improve, we’ll continue to dedicate our time and energy you deserve.

Pay How you feel