Best of YEG Fitness!

We would like to take a moment extend our most sincere thank you to YEG Fitness magazine! We’ve been nominated for 4 YEG Fitness awards for 2018 and took home YEG’s BEST COMMUNITY SUPPORTER.

Our goal with F.R.E.E. Fitness is to be able to help as many people with our “Pay How You Feel” personal training. Why? Because we don’t believe health has a set price. More people can start their fitness journey while minimizing their financial worry. However, we felt we could do more. We wanted to help more people navigate through their fear of hiring a personal trainer by showing that exercise can be empowering when you surround yourself with a supportive community. We created our free outdoor workouts, yoga sessions and stair-run every Friday for this reason. Our first outdoor workout started with 11 participants (all of which were our clients and friends). Slowly, our numbers started to increase to 35, 50, 75 and eventually reaching 100 participants = #BestFreeFitness

So… what next?

How about hosting our fitness events as a charitable fundraiser for organizations and non-profits in Edmonton? We worked alongside Edmonton’s Food Bank, Children’s Stollery, Youth Empowerment Support Service (YESS), The Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Edmonton, Movember Edmonton, Mental Health Edmonton and the Canadian Blood Service. We learned so much about our direction as a company by giving back to those in need. This was also pivotal in our growth as people. We are honoured to contribute and support these organizations because they are making a difference for people in Edmonton = #BestCommunitySupporter

Little did we know that our fitness events and our community contributions would literally open new “doors” for us. We earned the opportunity to run our own “Open Gym” with Crossfit 5413 with our F.R.E.E. community. A big thank you to Crossfit 5413 for providing us a home to do what we do best, and that’s helping people fall in love with exercise = #BestGymInEdmonton

Nothing is ever quick. As we approach our 3-year anniversary in February, it’s humbling to look back and reflect on our growth. We would like to express our gratitude to our members, friends and family who voted for us. It’s an honour to be nominated and to earn YEG’s BEST COMMUNITY SUPPORTER.