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Who We Are

F.R.E.E. Fitness is an indoor fitness facility that houses a team of qualified coaches that specialize in 1-on-1 personal training, group training, boxing, and Muay Thai. Additionally, we offer physiotherapy, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching located under one roof in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since establishing F.R.E.E. Fitness in 2016, our team of personal trainers has impacted the lives of more than 600 clients through the use of our innovative and unique “Pay How You Feel” business model to personal fitness training, thereby eliminating the most common financial barrier to better health.

The Four Pillars—Focus, Rise, Energy, Empower

  • Our training philosophy focuses on increasing lean muscle and improving body composition while taking a holistic approach to improving self-confidence and overall health.
  • We encourage our clients to rise up to new challenges that test an individual’s physical and mental capacity. We help provide energy for our clients to build a foundation of strength, improved mobility, and optimal joint health.
  • F.R.E.E. Fitness believes in empowering clients to be confident in the gym by establishing manageable exercise and nutritional routines.