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We offer various training services to help you achieve your goals.
Our team of coaches and trainers individualize each workout and program to help you succeed.


1-on-1 Personal Training

Working out requires more than just showing up. It requires discipline, the correct combination of exercises, and the motivation to keep going. We will track your progress, so you can see improvements week over week to ensure you can hit your personal goals.


Group Training

Group training improves overall strength as well as maximum power output. Participants can interact and get to know others who share their goals by exercising in a group. We encourage people to keep up with their workouts, which enables them to accomplish their objectives more quickly.


Online Training

If you’re looking to start your fitness program but are unable to visit us at F.R.E.E. Fitness, our online coaching is created to inspire you to reach and maintain your fitness goals.



Our integrated fitness program involves focused physiotherapy sessions that will restore your body to its natural glory. Our therapists are also well-versed in the fitness world and collaborate with our trainers to create a recovery plan for you and your specific injury.


Massage Therapy

If you’re experiencing muscle and joint pain, neck and back discomfort, or headaches, our massage therapist is there for you.Our licensed massage therapists can help improve physical and mental health and assist in pain management.


Muay Thai

From beginners seeking physical exercise and fitness to those aspiring to compete at the world level, F.R.E.E. Fitness offers authentic Muay Thai training for all levels. We believe everyone’s goals are important and can be achieved through sheer dedication and hard work.


Nutrition & Body Composition Assessment

Even the best exercise routines can lead to disappointing results if your nutrition plan is not under control. Starting your fitness journey is hard, but it is even more difficult to discover the right regimen and nutrition plan to achieve your dream look.



Learn more about your body by signing up for our 4 week program. This class is for everybody, and participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and modify postures as needed. Each hour long class will have a specific focus on a different body part.